Fe.N.K.I. Federazione Nippon Kempo Italia

The Federation was founded with the aim of promoting the martial art of Nippon Kempo nationwide and establish national partnerships and internationallypartnersh.

The Fe.N.K.I. like the mystic bird “Phoenix” reburns from the glorious A.I.N.K. Italian Association of Nippon Kempo, by desire of it’s masters as well as for the will of the late president of A.I.N.K. Maestro Franco Gnocchi who decased, leaving his beloved friends and countless friends who knew him, just at the moment of the work on transition .

The need has become to re-establish the Association into a Federation, to give the adequate respond to the needs that the modern Nippon Kempo requires.

After a stormy period, the Fe.N.K.I. begun its work on July 1, 2011 and since then acocrding the Federation best traditions, the practical work and outreach has begun. Fe.N.K.I participates in National and International events, continuing the way of A.I.N.K. consolidated in Fe.N.K.I ..

Actually the Fe.N.K.I. presidency in the person of Maestro Dario Enrico Brusaferri , who has already been the last President A.I.N.K., continues the course takeing by Maestro Franco Gnocchi, assisted in the Technical part by Master Giovanni Stefanuto.

The Nippon Kempo is the ‘Japanese martial art of combat and self-defense.