Our student is one who is looking for a new way of practicing a martial art technically complete as it consists of:

– Basic techniques (punches, blocks, kicks)

– levers

– projections

– kata

– Technical Lunches

– Ground fighting

– Techniques with armor

– Combat.

From 6 years onwards anyone can enroll in a course of Nippon Kempo because, regardless of age and physical constitution, each athlete is following in his path of growth favoring and strengthening capacity in its possession. The student is required primarily goodwill and desire to learn, prerogatives necessary for a proper learning. The choice of a technical address, agonistic or simply amateur may be carried in the pipeline.



In most cases the student enrolls to learn how to defend themselves, gain confidence in themselves and test their skills. Who sees two talented athletes fight may think that Kempo is an art particularly easy to learn, so the expectations of those who enroll are to become “competitive” in a short time. This is certainly achievable, however, thanks to a constant training, which is essential to achieve the objectives.

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The Gyms FE.NKI offer with their instructors a great technical level, expertise and experience in the techniques of combat consolidated over the years. Are proof of the countless successes achieved by the athletes who competed in European and international competitions. The serene and mutual trust between student and instructor, promote the friendship between the group that joins in a greater commitment to the achievement of common goals.

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Each lesson lasts an average of an hour and a half to two or three times a week. After a few trial lessons start the actual training that, in the early months, relies almost exclusively on learning basic techniques, levers, projections and kata. Having completed this stage and made ​​the first test for yellow belt, the athlete will be given the opportunity to engage in combat with armor. Teachers and instructors are committed to teaching Kempo in tune with the expectations of users who, in addition to physical labor, a research group in which commensurate but also collaborate and make friends. Therefore practice Nippon Kempo is not exclusively train or fight but ‘also have a chance to “growth”, thanks to the teachings of this ancient but still current martial art gives us.