The basic technique
the beginning of everything.

image019The first lesson, which is given to the practitioner, image005
regards the place of training,
Climbing onto the mat with a slight inclination of the trunk greets you,
moves with respect to the site (Dojo) in which we are practitioners,
therefore, the first rule, respect for the place and the companions who share this experience.

  The practitioner, initially as rough stone
through the continuous exercise hardening the body and mind,
Gaining flexibility, strength, power,
concentration and determination
mastery of one’s body.

  The athlete will start training
image006  performing, learning, absorbing the techniques of nippon kempo. image113
He will learn the art of falls,

learning the equivalent name in Japanese (UKEMI)

learn the art of projection (NAGE WAZA).

  He will learn the art of percussion,
will use his fists (Tzuki)
will use the kicks (GERI)
will use the parades (UKETE)

He will learn the art of dislocation (KANSETZU WAZA)

image013The time of acquisition of the basic techniques, image008

plays a major role in the development of psycho-motor ‘athlete.
The assiduous training, the athlete will forge
that will use the best techniques learned
to move to the next stage combat.

The basic techniques, have the purpose of making the practitioner and then the athlete,
aware of their strengths and limitations,
certainly a better person.