The Nippon Kempo is practiced wearing KEMPOGI, consisting of a jacket (uwagi) and a pair of white cotton pants (zubon), and a belt (OBI), whose color indicates the degree of the practitioner.

The sequence of degrees is divided into KYU and DAN as in almost all Japanese martial arts.

The particularity of Nippon Kempo is to propose a full contact combat total that includes punches, kicks, levers, knee (both standing and on the ground) and screenings. As a consequence, it is important to ensure the athlete total protection that allows him to fight in absolute safety: the armor (BOGU).

The armor consists of a mask with a metal protection for the face, very padded at the contact with the head and tied behind the neck with strong ropes.


The bust is protected by a padded armor, tied firmly to the body in a way, however, to ensure full mobility of the trunk. The armor contains inside a shield of Plexiglas or metal flexible material and is covered with leather in the part exposed to blows.

To protect your hands wearing boxing gloves, legs are protected by shin while the foot fit shoes that allow you to hit even with powerful kicks.

To ensure complete protection you are also using a shell padded linked to life through the ropes.